2019 Annual & ESG Report

Boardwalk’s 2019 Annual Report focuses on values of community and family, and highlights their many environmental, social and governance accomplishments and initiatives. As well, an inaugural Sustainability Report is featured within the Annual Report.

2018 Annual Report

People and strong communities inspire the 2018 Boardwalk Annual Report. Vibrant foils and stunning graphic design highlight how Boardwalk elevates its member communities, resulting in properties that Resident Members are proud to call home.

2017 Annual Report

In 2017 Boarwalk REIT rebranded and re-positioned their Company. The 2017 annual report is a hallmark piece that needed to showcase the new brand to Stakeholders. Modern, fresh design paired with specialty printing techniques gave this report the visual edge to accompany the new brand and transition to a new Boardwalk.