Seasonal Passport

The Canadian Badlands Seasonal Passport (a free downloadable PDF on the Canadian Badlands website) is a bright, playful guide to the wonders of the region, full of compelling imagery, illustrations, simple listicles and visitor information.

Experience Guide

This guide is designed to inspire visitors looking to explore the region by giving them a complete overview of the Badlands. Stories, itineraries, iconic visuals and interesting facts share the pages with more detailed tourist information, all organized by geographical area and “hub” city.

2020 Campaign Strategy

In our 5th campaign for CBT, we introduced the “It’s About Time” tagline – a short but clever way to speak to the region’s uniqueness & rich history, its proximity to key target cities, and as a strong call to action to new visitors. Collaboration with local DMOs lead to our best campaign results yet.

Digital Display Advertising

nonfiction worked closely with Calgary-based Loknow to best optimize the Canadian Badlands digital ad buy. Utilizing state-of-the-art data harvesting methods and strategic ad placement on various digital platforms such as hyper, search and social, gave us the ability to target specific audiences, geographic locations and demographics.

Website Redesign

Canadian Badlands Tourism came to nonfiction studios to assess the feasibility of integrating third-party data feeds as the main content source for their existing website. In tandem with revamping the backend system and implementing a custom solution for automated content updates, we also refreshed the website layout with strong imagery and inspiring messaging.