2018 Campaign Strategy

As we began our third year as agency of record for Canadian Badlands, we were focused on building a strong direction for the year ahead (and beyond). Our theme “Align, Share, Support & Amplify” informed the strategy we developed for CBT in 2018. Working more closely with partners in the Badlands region, sharing content, and amplifying content shared with us ensured everyone promoting tourism in the area worked towards a common goal. nonfiction also implemented a multi-year content development plan in an effort to build a larger asset library.

Social Media Promotion

nonfiction partnered with CIPR Communications to strategize and implement a robust social media program for Canadian Badlands. The new CBT social strategy includes daily scheduled posts, contests, active engagement and a year-round presence. We also endeavoured to share and amplify social content of the smaller tourism DMOs in the region.

Digital Display Advertising

nonfiction worked closely with Calgary-based Carto Media to best optimize the Canadian Badlands digital ad buy. Utilizing state-of-the-art data harvesting methods and strategic ad placement, as well as Google AdWords, gave us the ability to target specific audiences, geographic locations and demographics.

Traditional Advertising

nonfiction updated the client’s existing print brochure with new brand elements and engaging photography. We also added a larger, easier-to-read map and a detailed list of signature Canadian Badlands attractions. The majority of Visitor Information Centres in the area confirmed the popularity of the brochure – the client ultimately ran out, even after a larger print run!

Website Redesign

Canadian Badlands Tourism came to nonfiction studios to assess the feasibility of integrating third-party data feeds as the main content source for their existing website. In tandem with revamping the backend system and implementing a custom solution for automated content updates, we also refreshed the website layout with strong imagery and inspiring messaging.