2017 Holiday Card

Keeping with the past holiday card theme of Canadian animals, nonfiction created a custom illustrated caribou perched on a ledge for Field Law’s 2017 holiday card. High gloss foils lent to the elegant, eye-catching feel of the final printed piece.

2016 Holiday Card

The goal of the 2016 holiday card for Field Law was to communicate their office relocations to their clients through a festive, holiday message. In keeping with the theme and style of the previous year, nonfiction created a custom illustration of a goose ‘taking flight’ to signal the move. A specialty pearlescent foil printing technique was applied to Field Law brand triangles to illustrate a fresh snowfall.

2015 Holiday Card

2015 was a hallmark year for Field Law, not only celebrating their 100th year, but also marking their expansion into Northern Canada and becoming the largest law firm to serve the Northwest Territories. In honour of this special year, nonfiction was asked to design and develop a holiday card to mark this celebration. Symbolic of the northern expansion, nonfiction created a custom illustration of a polar bear set among northern lights and used a specialty holographic foil printing technique to highlight the significance of this landmark year.

Community Fund Microsite

Field Law was looking for a microsite that would allow them to run a popular community initiative program seamlessly and efficiently, and nonfiction studios created a dynamic system that allows not only for comprehensive public information display, but also for easy workflow management for website administrators.

Blog Website Design

A user-friendly WordPress layout was augmented with custom design elements and menu features to improve readability and increase visitor engagement. The blog perfectly complements Field Law’s corporate website and acts as an organic extension of their brand to become a perfect vehicle for educating website visitors about legal industry in Alberta and beyond.