why your business needs a social media strategy

December 6, 2021

In this day and age, social media is one of the most important forms of communication for all businesses. As social media continues to rise in popularity it is important to position your business appropriately. Having a social media strategy and action plan in place helps to ground your business’s overall messaging and goals while attracting your ideal audience. 


Consistency is essential when executing a social media plan. Developing a strategy ensures that your key messaging is carefully crafted and communicated to your audience – every touchpoint a follower has with your brand is a clear representation of your business and the values and story you are sharing.


What goes into a Social Media Strategy? 


A social media strategy can be composed of multiple aspects depending on what will best benefit your business. These can include:

Social Content Pillars 

The aspects and core values of your company you want to promote through social media. 

Social Media Audit 

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current social media strategy and what opportunities or threats are there? 

Key Performance Indicators 

What are the goals and objectives of the social media strategy and what will you use to measure success. 

Target Audience 

Who are you targeting on each platform and what messaging and creative will convert that individual into a follower or potential visitor/customer?

Key Themes 

What types of content themes should be present at certain times of the year to attract the type of business you want?

Platform Analysis 

What platforms are going to be most beneficial to your business and which platforms are your target audience most present on?

Competitor Analysis 

What are your competitors doing that you should implement and what are potential gaps your competitors aren’t filling that you can implement into your social media strategy? 


How can you get a social strategy that is effective? 

nonfiction can do it for you! Our team is well versed when it comes to social media strategies and action plans and is more than excited to help you! We can create a social media strategy that fits your business’s needs and helps to achieve your company’s goals. Request a quote today!